Edward Kaplanian, an Armenian born and brought up in Jerusalem, came to the U.S. in 1961 to go to University. To pay for his education, he worked in the parts distribution centers of Chrysler and Volkswagen and learned warehousing from the ground up. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Middle East and Far East history; he also developed a real affinity for parts.
In 1968, he met his future wife in San Francisco before he left to go to Australia. The following year she went to Australia and they were married in Sydney. After 2 years Edward was able to return to the U.S. and was hired as a regional parts field representative for Volvo Cars, USA. By the time he left 10 years later, he was Project Manager for Accessories, covering both Canada and the U.S.
Later Peugeot asked him to run their Western Division Parts Operation. 2 years later Saab Scania hired him as National Parts Sales and Marketing Manager. Edward stayed with Saab for 14 years, working his way up to U. S. Director of Parts. An opportunity to work in heavy-duty trucks arrived – a sector he had always had a great interest.  He worked for Mack Trucks, Bering Trucks and Advanced Mixer until his retirement in 2002.
Edward moved to Seattle to pursue his passion in the commercial aviation field. He has had a love of commercial aviation since his time in Australia when he began to read aviation magazines. In Seattle, he had the opportunity to be a docent at the Museum of Flight, then a Volunteer for the newly opened Future of Flight Aviation Center and Boeing Tour. Edward was asked to consult for them and then offered a job – a wonderful opportunity for him to be involved in aviation and work with Boeing, plus other aviation experts. He is now the Senior Manager of Projects and Acquisitions as well as the author of a blog on the Future of Flight website.
He recently was invited to become a member of Everett Community College’s Aviation Advisory Committee – an opportunity to help students become interested in the field of aviation.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Ed,
    I hope this message finds you in good health & happy!
    How are you? I always wondered of your where abouts.
    I’ve always given you credit for starting my career in the auto field at Volvo.
    If we don’t make contact with each other, Barbara & I wish you a very Happy Holiday!
    Bill REINER


  2. Dear Mr. Kaplanian,
    I am curious about your thoughts regarding Boeing’s recent announcement / decision to relocate all of the 787 work from Everett to South Carolina. Thank you.


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